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This is Snack For Kids

This is Snack For Kids. Pretty frickin easy, rip off a stalk of celery and fill that canoe with nut butter, place your berries, shake on some cinnamon and drizzle with honey. This easy to create and delicious snack is actually gonna make your kids healthier, regulate their weight, help them stay calm, assist alkaline balance, aid in digestion and absorption of vitamins from the foods, improve eye function, lower blood pressure, rev up sex life, lower bad cholesterol, lower blood pressure and combat cancer.

This is Snack For Kids. Oh ya, those are just the benefits of the celery which is commonly misperceived as an empty vegetable that just has water and fiber. The nut butter, berries and honey are damn good for you too and this sweet snack only has a few grams of sugar so it won't get your kids playin WWF on the living room couch.

Your kid doesn't have a sex life? Ya I wouldn't think so, hopefully most of you realized that this is a phenomenal snack for anyone. Snacking on standard American treats like donuts, candy bars, protein bars, fruit smoothies and slices of pizza are doing nothing but wreaking havoc on your health and weight via giving  your blood sugar and metabolism an inability to function properly while also causing you to desire more bad calorie junk foods.

If you have kids I encourage to treat the responsibility of feeding them healthy nutritious food as your top priority. You're teaching them a bunch of other life lessons, one of the most important they can learn is how to eat healthy.

If you don't have kids then have fun being a kid again and make yourself this Organic twist on a childhood staple. A little nastalgia is always a nice way to take a spiritual timeout and if you can combine that mental break with a physical boost from nutritious fuel why the heck wouldn't ya? This is Snack For Kids.

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